Prospect Hill offers traditional ground burial lots, cremation lots and half lots. Traditional burial lots are available for $2,500 – $3,000, dependent upon location. These lots also can be purchased for the cremated remains of up to three individuals, but only if this arrangement is designated at the time of the lot sale. Individual cremation lots are available for $1,500 in the cremation-only section of the cemetery.

We welcome family monuments, statues, custom headstones, as well as modern types of memorials. Please note that any monument or flat ground marker is the choice of the family and is purchased directly from a monument company, after a cemetery officer approves the design. All monument designs must be approved by a cemetery representative prior to purchase.

Veteran markers can be ordered through the Veterans Administration. Shipment must be accepted by a monument company, which will install it.

Upkeep and maintenance of the monument remains the responsibility of the family.

For more information about lot sales, burials, fees, lot transfers and interment regulations, please select from the following list: