Tour of Prospect Hill Cemetery

Please join Preservation Alliance of Baltimore County and the caretakers of Prospect Hill Cemetery on April 15 at 2 pm to stroll through the cemetery’s historic park-like grounds and step into Baltimore County history.

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Stewardship of Our Trees

Board member Roger Gookin met recently with an arborist from Scientific Plant Service to assess the health of the cemetery's Norway spruces.

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Scouts Step Up, Again

Scouts from local Troop 828 once again completed a valuable community service on the Saturday before Memorial Day. For at least the 15th consecutive year, Scouts from Troop 828 placed an American flag on the graves of every known veteran buried in Prospect Hill.

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Prospect Hill in Spring

The turn of the seasons brings new growth and beauty into the world, including in Prospect Hill Cemetery. Not only are the trees and bushes showing renewed color and foliage. Families are encouraged to plant bulbs or beautify the graves of loved relations and friends with cut seasonal flowers. Just a gentle reminder that while life goes on, those dear to us are not forgotten.

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Prospect Hill in Late Winter

Even in the barren cold, there are visible signs that families have visited to honor their loved ones. Those spots of color amidst the grey stones and sculptural shapes of the bare trees add greatly to the beauty of the cemetery.

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Wildlife visiting Prospect Hill Cemetery

Prospect Hill has many visitors, some of the non-human variety. A large buck was spotted numerous times over last summer, and this red-shouldered hawk was one of two seen in the cemetery in December.

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New board member: Lydia Kimball

Landscape Architect, Floura Teeter Landscape Architects, Inc. Lydia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture from the University of Maryland and Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Virginia. With nearly 30 years in practice, she has developed a specific expertise in site design projects for healthcare, senior living, academic and other institutional facilities with an approach that focuses on the ways landscapes can contribute to both human and environmental health.

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