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Boy Scouts from Troop 828/Scout Venturing Crew and their adult leadersLeft: Boy Scouts from Troop 828/Scout Venturing Crew and their adult leaders. Right: Board member Vince Nesline deployed teams of Scouts throughout the cemetery.


Working with Neighbors
Members of Boy Scout Troop 828 and the Scout Venturing Crew based at Havenwood Presbyterian Church in Lutherville again volunteered in May to place American flags on the graves of all known veterans resting in Prospect Hill Cemetery.

The boys, ages 11 to 17, spent the Saturday morning before Memorial Day placing the flags throughout the cemetery. Board member Vince Nesline was on hand to provide maps of the property and answer questions.

Adults participating in the flag laying included Scoutmaster Tom O’Dwyer; Assistant Scoutmaster Brian Kuebler; Biz Shaner, Venturing Crew committee chair; and Tobi Kester, committee member, along with a number of other parents.

The Towson post of the American Legion supplied the flags, which remained in place throughout the summer.

“We’ve done this for 10 years as a troop,” commented O’Dwyer. “It’s a good project that the boys seem to enjoy and a valuable community service.”

An Angel Watches Over Babyland
Installation crew and Babyland angle statueIt took a crew of three strong men to install the new statue.

Prospect Hill Cemetery’s Board of Directors had long heard that sometime in the distant past there an angel statue stood at the top of the hill in the most poignant section of the cemetery, Babyland.

Now, thanks to the generosity of Emeritus Director Catherine R. Soares, an angel once again watches over the graves of these babies and young children. The 400-pound stone statue was installed on July 5 by a crew that hoisted it up a wet and slippery hill to its place on honor at the top.

Mrs. Soares recalls visiting the cemetery often as a young child growing up in Towson. She and her late husband Silvio both served for many years on the cemetery’s board. She and Board President Carolyn Knott and Director Ginger Mudd Galvez were all on hand for the early morning installation.

Thanks to Catherine Soares’s generosity (which also supported beautification of Babyland, an important portion of the Board’s strategic plan), this lovely section of the lower part of Prospect Hill has its own guardian angel.


news-mediaLeft: rendering of Towson City. Right: Formal opening of TCC.

Working with Neighbors
The Board has worked with Caves Valley Partners, the owners of Towson City Center, its new neighbor to the south, to plant an evergreen screening in front of their newly erected fence.

Scout Projects
Local Scout troops place American flags on graves of veterans in annual Memorial Day ceremony.

An Eagle Scout project of uncovering the pathways in upper section has been completed as of September 2013.

Prospect Hill Designated a Neighborhood Commons to Ensure Its Preservation
Councilman Marks Sponsors PHC Rezoning Designation

In the summer of 2012, thanks to the efforts of Baltimore County Councilman David Marks, PHC was designated a Neighborhood Commons (NC), a zoning term designed to preserve open space, particularly within more urban areas of Baltimore County. In addition to our corporate charter that prohibits development, and our inclusion on the Baltimore County Landmark List, the NC designation is yet another vehicle assuring that Prospect Hill will remain the serene resting place we all treasure, for generations to come.

“These decisions will protect a historic cemetery that serves as the largest piece of open space in downtown Towson,” commented Councilman Marks.

The Neighborhood Commons zoning designation is laid over Prospect Hill’s existing zoning as high-density commercial. It prohibits future development at the site. PHC Board President Carolyn Parker Knott thanked Councilman Marks, noting that this is “… an additional means of preserving historic Prospect Hill on behalf of the 3,000 people buried here…”

PHC Welcomes New Towson City Center as Neighbors
Prospect Hill is pleased to welcome its neighbors in the newly renovated Towson City Center building immediately south of the cemetery. The building opened in early August 2012 with 100% occupancy and houses the offices of about 500 people. The key tenants are MileOne Automotive, which consolidated its headquarters and support staff in four floors of the 12-story tower and Towson University, which houses its public radio station WTMD, its Institute of Well-Being and some administrative services on another four floors. BusinessSuites, WMS Partners, Remedi and Cunningham Kitchen are also tenants. There is a lovely view of the cemetery from the upper floors.