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Nestled in the heart of Towson’s business district, historic Prospect Hill Cemetery is the highest elevation and largest green space in the town’s central core. Within its green and peaceful six acres rest men and women whose lives shaped Baltimore County history for more than 150 years. Yet the property is also an active cemetery business that still has lots available for future generations.

Originally part of the Hampton estate of Captain Charles Ridgely, Prospect Hill has been in continuous use as a cemetery since the 1890s as the community of Towson grew up around it. Among those buried here are a defender of Fort McHenry, veterans who served in every war from the American Revolution through Vietnam, and founders of Baltimore County government.

Like many other historic properties, Prospect Hill Cemetery has had its ups and downs. By the 1980s, it had fallen into disrepair and was in danger of succumbing to development. In 1984, a group of Towson families led by Dr. Robert Parker, James Campbell and Carroll Klingelhofer formed a non-profit corporation to purchase Prospect Hill, with the goal of restoring the beauty and dignity of this six-acre landmark and preserving it for future generations of Baltimore County families. Today, the cemetery is well maintained by its board and other volunteers. More history.

Prospect Hill Today

More than 3,000 people are buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, and some 700 gravesites – for both cremation and burials – remain available for a reasonable purchase price. Funds generated by the sale of lots are invested for future maintenance needs.

In the past few years, the cemetery has been awarded four Community Conservation Grants by Baltimore County, as well as a grant from the Baltimore County Historical Trust and the Towson Rotary Foundation. These funds, along with contributions from other donors, have been used to upgrade the landscaping and restore the green perimeter to screen the view of the commercial incursion of modern Towson. The cemetery has also added security lighting, while preserving the 19th century vista from the crest of its hill.

During the past decade, Prospect Hill Cemetery has installed:

  • 425 feet of new hedge along York Road
  • 450 feet of evergreens screening the south perimeter with Towson City Center
  • 30 new evergreen and shade trees
  • Over 100 new large shrubs along the north and east perimeters
  • Beautiful angel statue added to Babyland

Prospect Hill Cemetery is open every day and welcomes respectful visitors. Public tours are offered periodically. A past tour featured family members recounting stories about their ancestors who are buried here.

Each Memorial Day, the Towson Post of the American Legion and local scout troops mark the graves of over 425 veterans buried at Prospect Hill with flags. Several Boy Scouts have conducted their Eagle Scout projects at Prospect Hill, working to preserve the beauty of the property.

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We invite you to join in our effort to preserve this place of history, reverence and respect, and we welcome your inquiries concerning cremation and burial lots for you and your family.

Forever Non-Profit

The articles of incorporation of the current cemetery corporation ensure that Prospect Hill in Towson will always remain a non-profit cemetery. In addition, designation of the cemetery as a Baltimore County Historical Site reinforces the intent of the board of directors that Prospect Hill will remain hallowed ground as the final resting place of our community’s past and future generations.

Prospect Hill holds people from all walks of life:

A 19th century defender of Fort McHenry
Veterans of every war from the American Revolutionary War through Vietnam
Founders of Baltimore County government
Sheriffs and fire fighters
Nurses and doctors
Merchants and professionals
Immigrants and landed gentry
Members of every race and many creeds
A Baltimore Colt
A movie star
Individuals and families
Some who lived beyond 100…
and some who lived only a few hours
Some known all over the world for their work…
and some known only to God